Fun, hugely personal Adelaide wedding photography that vibrantly documents the day

Wedding photography focusing on those organic in-between moments. No ridiculous poses, just fun, easy-going, award-winning photos. Scroll on down for a quick overview (and a stupidly cute dogs-in-weddings gallery)…

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At the Remarkable Rocks in Kangaroo Island. Adelaide wedding photography by James Field



As intimate as a wedding can be. Five people including the couple and myself on the untouched landscape of Kangaroo Island. Bonus: We collectively held our breath during a near-miss with getting bogged on the beach.

A couple sitting in the long grass at Waverley Estate. Adelaide wedding photography by James Field



Starting with an early surf with the dog, we cruised through the day and ended with a super relaxed reception by the pool. Bonus: Best moustache I’ve ever seen on a father-of-the-bride. Maybe the best moustache ever.

A couple walking in front of Mt Sturgeon Homestead. Adelaide wedding photography by James Field



This couple loved hiking in the grampians so much they decided to get married in front of them. Beautiful country wedding. Bonus: They had lofty aspirations of climbing a mountain the morning-after. It didn’t happen.

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dogs in weddings


ALL Day and all night

Capture your whole day—from a sunrise surf or champagne on the deck—right up until you hug the last person goodbye at the reception and jump in your getaway vehicle.


All your photos edited and delivered in full resolution on USB. No watermarks or encryption. You’re welcome to print whatever and whenever you want.


One simple all-inclusive package for $4200. No need to count hours or worry about extra costs. As long as I can reasonably drive there and back on the day, all travel is included for your Adelaide wedding photography.

Hi! I’m James

I’ve been doing Adelaide wedding photography for 10 years and would never do anything else. I love shooting full-length days—starting with an early round of golf with the guys and chilling over breakfast or champagne with the girls means that by the afternoon I feel like a part of the bridal party. Bonus: When everyone’s comfortable and having a ball, awesome photos that capture the genuine vibe of the day pretty much take themselves.

I live in the Adelaide Hills with my writer wife and our lazy greyhound. I love working on our bush block, roasting my own coffee, making the odd piece of furniture and generally taking life pretty easy.

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