With as much variety in the weather as there is in the scenery at Longview Vineyard, there were a few worrisome moments during the day at Jenna & Sam’s wedding. Despite the threatening weather, it all went off without a hitch for a perfect day amongst the vines.

We just want to say a huge thankyou for all your hard work! We had such a fun day and you made us feel so relaxed – we couldn’t have asked for anything more! The photos look amazing and we are so happy with them!! Thanks so much :)

Jenna & Sam

I pulled into Hahndorf to begin with Sam and his groomsmen as they prepared. The disorganisation of the morning couldn’t dampen the giddy atmosphere of the room as the boys grappled with bow ties and suspenders. Apparently calm about the ceremony now only hours away, Sam lead the laughter with champagne in hand.

After a stein at the pub for confidence, we meandered in convoy up to Longview Vineyard. It’s always a pleasure to shoot a relaxed couple, and Sam’s refusal to take himself too seriously made sure I was laughing along too. It was certainly hard not to, with Sam standing arms raised on the bonnet of his new father-in-law’s precious four wheel drive in celebration of arriving at Longview.

Autumn trees in Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills
Groomsmen helping the groom get ready for the wedding
Helping the groomsmen get dressed
Portrait of the groom before the wedding, including details of his suspenders
Sharing a glass of bubbles on the wedding morning
Heading out to a German pub for a stein on the wedding morning
The boys at a German pub
Cheers from the groomsmen
Happy days in the pub before the wedding
Arrived at Longview, moving into the accomodation
Groom at Longview, feeling on top of the world

Jenna and her bridesmaids were already there, enjoying the picturesque views across the hillsides of Macclesfield. Getting ready at the ceremony location left plenty of time for natural, organic photos that truly reflected the tone of the day.

The girls lounging around in their casual robes sharing smiles, Jenna’s loved ones proudly buttoned her into her dress—the kind of moments you enjoy then and there, as well as enjoy looking back on years later.

Detail of wedding ring
Details of wedding boquet
Bridesmaids chatting while hair and makeup preparations are going on
Bride checking out her makeup in the mirror
Bride and bridesmaid talking on the bed at Longview Homestead
Bridesmaids chatting in the mirror in the Homestead at Longview
The wedding gown being buttoned up
Mum putting bracelet on the bride
Bridesmaid struggling with the wedding dress buttons
Bride looking out the window in the homestead at Longview

Longview’s function manager Jess is one of the best I’ve met. She’s the perfect balance of fun and on-the-ball, meaning a day that goes off without a hitch but never feels too scheduled, and Jenna and Sam’s was no exception.

They married amid sprawling vineyards and happy tears. The sun shone just long enough to drench the ceremony in light for beautiful, sunny photos, before a few clouds appeared to give us a moody, dramatic sky to shoot.

Flower girl excited just before the ceremony starts at Longview Vineyard
Bridal car arrives just before the wedding
Groom waiting at the end of the aisle for his bride
Flower girl excited just before the ceremony starts at Longview Vineyard
Parents of the groom giving their blessing to the wedding
Details of the wedding flowers
The bridal party walk off to start taking photos after the wedding at Longview Vineyard
Guests congratulating bride and groom after the wedding

The venue has a wonderful variety of backdrops—while many vineyards can boast rows of picturesque vines to shoot, Longview’s photo opportunities are as diverse as they are beautiful.

We wandered the grounds and found spots for intimate portraits in a stand of ghostly eucalypts and wide open landscapes under a brooding sky. And we didn’t have to take Jenna and Sam away from their guests for too long to do it- something that’s important to me. I’m there to document their day, not take over.

Bride and groom share a candid moment in the vines at Longview Vineyard
The couple share a moment in the vines at Longview Vineyard
Groom kissing his bride, she looks like she's enjoying it
Bridal party standing againt a wall of street art
The newlyweds walking along rows of vines at Longview Vineyard
Bride and groom chatting while sitting in the long dry grass
Newlyweds sharing a tender moment in the gum trees at the bottom of the Longview Vineyard property
The couple hugging in the long green grass at Longview Vineyards
Detail of the hands and wedding ring of the bride
Groom carrying his bride in the long grass at Longview Vineyard
Standing between the palm trees; one of the iconic photographs of Longview Vineyard
Bride on top of the hill at Longview Vineyard after sunset

As the sun set over the hills, we headed back to the reception to celebrate. With the official parts of the day all over, there was nothing left for Jenna and Sam to do but share in the collective joy of the wedding with their loved ones.

The function room at Longview is wonderful–the high ceilings give a sense of space and grandeur, and the mezzanine levels allow for beautiful wide shots that encompass the whole feel of the night. As food and drinks circle the room, I can pass unnoticed and tell the true stories of the day.

Reception setup at Longview Vineyard
Reception room shot from the mezzanine level at Longview Vineyard
Wedding cake detail
Entrance of the bridal party
Entrance of the newly weds
Guests chatting during the wedding reception

Watching Sam and his groomsmen perform a dance number, complete with Bruno Mars-inspired fedoras, kicked off a raucous atmosphere that far outlasted the youngest guests.

After stealing the happy couple away once more for a set of night shots under a beautiful old tree outside the function room, it was time for goodbyes. On a whim I stayed on for a last landscape. As if the weather and the heavens conspired together, I was rewarded with a shooting star streaking across the sky. It was lovely to share in the day of a couple like Jenna and Sam. To be given the chance to document if for them is a privilege

First dance of the newlyweds
Bride and grooms first dance
Father daughter dance at Longview Vineyards
Mother son dance
Very tired young girl after eating too much icecream
Bridesmaids and friends on the dancefloor
Guests sharing a cute looking private moment
Child asleep on a couch at the reception
Groomsmen dancing to Uptown Funk
Groomsmen dancing to Uptown Funk
Bride and groom outside at night at Longview Vineyard
Selfie with James Field and the bride and groom
Bride and groom exiting the reception under the guard of honour
Bride and groom waving goodbye to their guests
Guests waving goodbye to the bride and groom
Night time photo of Longview Vineyard with a shooting star
The wedding photography portfolio of James Field, Adelaide wedding photographer

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