Below are a few snippets of notes, emails, messages and cards I’ve received over my years as an Adelaide wedding photographer.


What can I say…..AMAZING!!!!! We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful photographs. They are Divine and exactly what we were looking for! We were particularly impressed with the amount of great candid pics you took, especially those at the reception. It was so great of you to stay for the whole thing. Thank you again for your flexibility. The photos really, truly tell the story of our day.

Also, we really appreciated how relaxed and easy going you were on the day. With all the hustle and bustle that goes with a wedding day, your gentle guidance and calming influence was so great to have around. We were amazed that you so subtly, seemed to be everywhere at any one-time. Everywhere we looked, you were there capturing a moment! It was awesome! We really enjoyed sharing our day with you.
Thank you SO much James

Abi & Lachie

Thank you thank you thank you! There are no words to describe how good you are! You are such a lovely person… Good heart, great sense of fun and a will to go to all extremes! We truly are lost for words on how much it means to us having you there. Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!


They are just absolutely magical!!!!!!!!! Had tears in my eyes the whole time I was looking at them, which let me tell you took us about 2 hours!!!!!!!!! Love everything about them, so so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, hats off to you!!!!!!!!!

Sharee & Chris

Seriously where do we even begin?! After hearing everyone we show our photos to go on and on about how amazingly talented you are, I can’t bring myself to compliment you and more!!! Needless to say, you are disgustingly gifted and I am proud to know you and call you a friend.

Thank you so much for capturing every moment and every detail – perfectly. You exceeded my expectations (and let’s face it, knowing how great you can be meant they were fairly high!) and worked your magic to get images that are packed with narratives and saturated with meaning.

Thank you for somehow getting Matt to smile naturally and for being practically invisible during the ceremony. Thank you so much!

Matt & Lexi

The time came and we just did the first look through of what I am sure will be 100 views. WE LOVE THEM! Thank you for documenting our day so well, capturing that emotion and the feelings on the day! Thank you so much. x

Jenna & Matt

Just wanted to thank you again for the great job you did on these photos. Even a year later looking through them I still absolutely adore them as much as I did when I first saw them. You really captured the day perfectly. Thanks so much!!!

Shauna & Luke

Where do we begin?

Thank you so very much for capturing out wedding day in the most perfect way. We knew that you would do an amazing job and for us, just one photo of the day would have been special enough. But to have hundreds of spectacular photos, simply look our breath away. You really do have an amazing talent and we were very fortunate to have had you travel the distance to be there. Thank you.

You captured some extremely special moments that we will treasure forever. It was exactly as we has hoped; natural, relaxed and just as it happened. Its hard to stop looking at them.

Thank you for your patience, hard work and attention to detail. We appreciate that it was a mammoth effort and a huge day for you. It certainly paid off with these gorgeous memories we’re left with. We continue to receive lots of great feedback from all out guests also who absolutely love them.

We couldn’t have dreamed of a more special day and to have had you capture it so perfectly has been the icing  on the cake.

Thank you so very much, we feel truly honoured and privileged to have had you there.

Maja & Steve

Thank you so much for being there to capture out memories on our special day. Thanks to you we have some incredible moments frozen in time to keep forever. You were tireless and completely dedicated to your craft, and your passion for your work shows in the final product.

Kristie & Jess

Hi James, We just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday. You did an amazing job and having seen the iPad photos we can’t wait to see the rest of them! We had such a fun day and all the bridal party have told us how good a job you did & were amazed that you spent all day with us. Thanks also for dropping the best man home. We hear it was a little adventure. All your effort is much appreciated!

Lauren & Leigh

I have only just looked at a few of the pre-wedding pics and they’re fantastic mate. Fantastic. Thank you again for being so great on the day! We both appreciated it. I better stop looking now otherwise I’ll be in trouble for peeking.

Nick & Leah

I’ve had a look at the photos and they are incredible! You managed to capture the essence of the day completely. I can’t wait to show Nick when he gets home from work. You really did an amazing job, thank you so much!

Claire & Nick

Hi James! Thank you so much for the photos, they are absolutely fantastic! We’re really happy with them. I’ve already put them on Facebook and had so many comments on how great they are.

Bec & Chris

HAHAHA!!! photo 521 is my absolute favourite!! i literally fell off my couch laughing!!! BEST. SHIT. EVER!!!

Alex & Amy